Escape {EDITING} ( Yandere Levi X Reader ) LEMON

Escape {EDITING} ( Yandere Levi X Reader ) LEMON

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Ashley Shane By LadyYandereShane Completed

You know what a Yandere is like, right? They're the worst kind of people when it comes to love. And you are now a victim to an overly psychotic Yandere, Levi Ackerman.

In the Modern AU, witness your friends get thinned out one by one, only to find out that you will end up in the constricting possesion of the famous School Body President, Levi Ackerman. 

Will you ever have a chance to escape?


This story contains







Dead friends,

Beat up friends,

Annoying friends,

Unimportant friends that are there just because, 

Twisted game of hide and seek,

Creepy Nursery Rhymes composed by Levi,

Annoying stalkers,

Creepy stalkers,

Hot stalkers,

And Short (tempered) stalkers whom you hate in the story, but is actually starring in your wet dream in real life.

But of course you are shorter than him, you tiny mutherfucka! Lol jk, Ily!


Modern AU

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Idk maybe cuz you called me retarded multiple times idk just a thought
XxNicholeOnlyxX XxNicholeOnlyxX 4 days ago
What animal is Levi??? BECAUSE IM READY TO SEE A HORSE VS...
Anime_Obsessed812 Anime_Obsessed812 7 days ago
I have too many to name, but here’s my top few. Unravel, Partners in Crime, and Just One Yesterday
Anticreator Anticreator 4 days ago
Better get the trash can because he'll be taking out the trash
Why is it that in most x reader books have the reader be so surprised when someone asks her out like "omg how does he notice me?!?! I mean I am one of the prettiest, hottest, smartest most popular girls in the school but omg it's still SO WEIRD because I'm sooo quiet!!1!!:!2!!
XxNicholeOnlyxX XxNicholeOnlyxX 4 days ago
You got nailpolish..U GOT HOLO!? If you do PUT HOLO TACO ON UT NAILS!!! Simplynaillogical reference