Olympus (PJO/HoO/ToA)

Olympus (PJO/HoO/ToA)

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This is just a bunch of Percy Jackson universe stuff. One-shots, headcanons, theories, fan art, fanfiction, book covers, just fun stuff. I'm open to taking one shot requests (why not?). 

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😂 I loved the part where he asked Nico if he wanted to go with him to fix Chiara's or Valentina's (I can't remember) broken Armand Nico was like "sounds gruesome, let's go" I probably just dropped the book and writhed around on the floor
My favourite part of ToA. What the heck happened? Reyna, Nico, Coach tell me!!!
Probably a coincidence but- Will Solace's mom= Naomi.
                              Hunter/ Amazon(I forget which) who died' name=  Naomi
Oh yeah. I never realized how weird that actually were until now
fierrochase fierrochase Jun 29
I didn't even realize that it said dad until Apollo started explaining
-blackfrost -blackfrost Jul 03
* sighs * soo does that mean you don't like Thalia because she was a tree