Bad Girl Gone Good●#TeenFictionAward2016

Bad Girl Gone Good●#TeenFictionAward2016

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Ashley By AarnaDixit Updated Nov 22

Sometime in life, we pretend to be something we're not. We might not accept ourselves as we are. But sometimes, you might need to pretend to be something you're not. That might be your last resort to safety.
Heaven. When you hear the word, you think of something perfect, something like paradise. But a girl named Heaven has had a life which is far from perfect. Everyone has those moments where their life seems to crumble and fall apart. But some are more serious than others. But this is all a part of life. Heaven puts on a sugarcoated smile and a strong facade. 
But at the same time, life doesn't always have to be sad. Its can be very happy and bright as well. All you need is two cups of cockiness, three cups of hotness and two secret ingredients hidden from the rest of the world: love and compassion.
All these ingredients make a special someone named Skyler West. 
Skyler is sure to make a drastic change in Heaven's life. This is one of the very rare cases where a cocky bad boy shows a broken girl the bright side of life. 
But will a huge hidden secret bring rift between these two?
Embark on a journey filled with secrets, a variety of friendships,sassy comebacks and happiness with Heaven and Skyler.

Highest Rank: 148 in Teen Fiction

Note: This is my first book. It was earlier known as The Nerds Bet. I have deleted that book and am rewriting this. Please give this book a chance. I have worked very hard on it. This book is also undergoing slow editing , so don't be surprised if there are a few last minute changes from time to time.
Happy Reading!!!!!!

Warning : contains mild swearing, sexual implications and DRAMA.

Pll I have to wait 8 months for 10 episodes I'm in shock!! 😂😓😢🤔
Talk about not judging the book by its cover, I really like it
*why not write 'asked' instead. It adds more flavour to your story.
This is quite a factual wave to start a story. Another thing is the first three sentences can actually be put in one paragraph. I'm just saying.
Either your gonna end up best friends or enemies ,because  she knows your secrets and spills them well you know I'm just rambling I'm just gonna shut up… 😂
*Unless this is a grocery list, that's not how you should list objects. 
                              Eg: There were four of dorms: Crystal, Lotus, ....etc.