My Sunshine (A Daryl Dixon X Reader) Sequel to The Odd One Out

My Sunshine (A Daryl Dixon X Reader) Sequel to The Odd One Out

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Dawn Dagger By IAmDawnDagger Updated Jan 02

Here's the sequel to The Odd One Out! 

Finally, finally the group has managed to get away from the building, Daryl's father, and the place they had been imprisoned. They're still troubled, though. Will Craig Dixon come back? What do they do now? They picked up a four year old boy that  no one knows the past of, and Hershel is still missing. There's now three children and a lack of food, shelter, and ammo.

Oh, and did I mention that winter has finally arrived. No? Well it has.

Daryl and you absolutely love each other, but tensions are rising, and so is panic and worry. How long will the peace and reunion last before needs become great?

Cover credit: HannahLovering

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Jenabunny Jenabunny Oct 23, 2017
I thought it said pregnant and I'm like *turns head to Maggie*
DepressedJess DepressedJess Oct 30, 2017
I can't remember any of the commentsI wanted to make I'm just so happy there is a sequel.
SilverWolf163 SilverWolf163 Dec 26, 2016
You started this zombie apocalypse as a kid and you are a kid until I saw so carl
ReedusMe ReedusMe May 19, 2016
Daryl in💘 with his bike so much I love it 😂😝🤘🏻
BTS_ARMY_mylife BTS_ARMY_mylife Feb 21, 2017
Carl you are never going to grow out of being a kid to them.
CaitlinSonnier CaitlinSonnier Oct 28, 2016
When u wrote u lost ur brains *spoilers* the episode from Sunday was so sad