Abused and Adopted (One Direction fan fiction)

Abused and Adopted (One Direction fan fiction)

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Anna is a 16-year-old girl who has been abused by her father since she was only 4 years old. The abuse only stopped when she was 15 years old, because a neighbour (who heard her loud screams) called the police, and the police took her dad to prison. 

Anna gets put into an orphanage, and she thinks that no one wants to adopt her. But she's wrong. 

Very wrong. 

You'll see that a very well known boy band wants to adopt Anna. 

Who is this boy band? And will Anna be able to trust them after years of abuse?

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crazykitty3000 crazykitty3000 Jul 16, 2017
If she got beer in her eyes then she would be blind just informing you
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The six the tallest women in the world is 6 ft 11 sooooo, did you mean 5ft11?
VickyAruwa03 VickyAruwa03 May 08, 2016
I don't know how I noticed this book out of all the thousand of seas of others....but I like the concept and the girls name stood out to me the most.
sofianstooryt sofianstooryt Feb 12, 2017
STORY OF ANOTHER US🎵 STORY OF MY LIFE🤘🏻 Okay.. Sorry.. I have to😂😂