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ZHIEND By Lilicey Updated Nov 21

Jack and Elsa were the best of friends since their childhood until Elsa moves away. 
Now in high school Elsa meets Jack again but he tries to avoid people especially her.
He isn't a bad boy or a loner. He is just afraid to be used and  hurt again by people 

Elsa needed someone to tutor her and Jack was the only one available. So in exchange Elsa decided to help Jack overcome his fear and helps him to become popular. 

But all this came with a price?

PugInShades PugInShades Aug 17
I've never been kissed on the lips in my life. It's too gross to think about kissing my mom and dad even. It would be better to wait for a boyfriend. UHGGGGGHHH! I want a boyfriend!!!!!
girly595 girly595 Sep 22
They looked a little like this .......JACKY BOY 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Aaaawwwww, how cute, I always shipped Elsa and Jack.
                              Too bad Elsa has to move away...
Lol, that's not how it is in highschool
                              (Not trying to hate or anything)
I knew it.
                              Hey Elsa, it's yer BOYFRIEND!
                              Elsa: What?! No...I....I.....nevermind.
Same here!!*Look at math book with disgust**mumble*why even math exist?!