Dancing with the Joker (RascalxChloe glitter force)

Dancing with the Joker (RascalxChloe glitter force)

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Nya-Chan~ <3 By NyalovesSenpai Updated Mar 09

It had been a while since we rescued Candy from the shadow realm and defeated Emperor Nogo.
 I recall the look on Pop's face after he was reunited with Candy. 
Joy, love, fear that he'd lose her...
I remember the faces of my four best friends in the world, Emily, Kelsey, Lilly, and April. 
Happiness, excitement, relief that our world was free of the curse of a sad ending.
                                                                         ...But the thing I remembered most...

                                                                                        ...Was a colored joker... 

                                                                                             ...A Rascal joker...


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It's a beutiful day outside birds are singing flowers are blooming on days like these kids like you ShOuLd Be BuRnInG iN hElL
It's a beautiful day outside,birds are singing,flowers are blooming,on days like these,kids like you should be burning,in HELL! (MY FAVOURITE PArt,thank you soooo much!!!
I have a feeling Rascal and I would be best friend's after seeing this picture....
Darkimoolover Darkimoolover Jul 19, 2016
I love it so far !!!!!  I love how you word everything !!!...  I'm watching Glitter Force rn XD
Neko_Miku_Hatsune Neko_Miku_Hatsune Dec 22, 2016
Hmmm.....Sans why? I just hope she doesn't start making puns or I will visit the master of jumping through windows without getting hurt!! AKA the great papyrus to learn his ways!
Nutty_Megan Nutty_Megan Oct 20, 2016
Question: I am thinking about making a glitter force fanfic myself, and is Rainbow Hills cannon?