He's My Heartbeat

He's My Heartbeat

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Do you what heartbeat means? Your heart needs to beat everytime for you to be alive. 

Song Hae Ra is an ordinary highschool girl. One day a new guy transfer to her school , it turns out that guy makes her world turn upside down. 

At first it was just a big crush , as time goes by it turns into something more than just a crush. She loves him , really loves him but he doesn't. 

He only sees her as a pathetic girl that beg him for love. She doesn't like her so he tried everything to push her away and he get what he want.

Until one moment he starts to miss her.. There are something missing in his life and it turns out that she is the missing piece.

"Why? Why did you do that?" I asked

"Because I am your heartbeat so you can't replace your heart with somebody else but me!" He bursted

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