Black Ice

Black Ice

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Eclipticmoon By EclipticMoon55555 Updated Dec 30, 2017

This takes place after book 9. When Darkstalker comes to be.

Moon watched in horror as the burly nightwing rose from the ground. He stretched out then sought for Moon. Finding her curled up and afraid he maniacally laughed. Darkstalker took over her mind, all that was left was her soul. Winter tries to save her from this darkness. But he could be to late.

Another love seems to bloom between the all powerful Darkstalker and a new dragoness, a hybrid of tribes, who hides more than she tells. With an unwanted past and now an uncertain future, will Darkstalker help change his fated future? Or will he too perish like the rest.

Night and Ice. Two destined to be with one another.

Two stories of black and white. Will they end in love? Or war.

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LOCO_COCO27177 LOCO_COCO27177 Jul 08, 2017
Swagalisious993 Swagalisious993 Mar 10, 2017
Luv it, u did a great job! I love dragon violence in the wings of fire series, makes things more interesting.
Ari8043 Ari8043 Dec 19, 2017
If he makes her his queen I will take my Dragon Tidal Wave and fly to Pyhria to kill him. (My dragons first name is Tsunami)😂🐲
Chickendragon Chickendragon Dec 31, 2017
Icewings never banished him.. he was born into the nightwings, they feared him and fled after he killed his father, and the Icewings were also afraid of him, but they never banished him.
ajknightly ajknightly Sep 13, 2017
This book is really good but book 9 dark stocker has already been awakened and moon has come to trust him I think this takes place after book 8
Shylar_the_Brave Shylar_the_Brave Jul 01, 2016
This is so cool! it will help tide me over until Talons of power comes out :-D