COLORS ☄Tim Drake [1]

COLORS ☄Tim Drake [1]

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-kvgane By -voidgrayson Completed

"Everything was blue. His pills, his hands, his jeans and now I'm covered in the colors pulled apart at the seams. And it's blue."

"Supernaturals aren't real."

"And Batman is just a story parents tell their children to get them to go to bed early."

Young Justice/Teen Wolf AU
May 2, 2016
Book One
Copyright © -voidgrayson 
All characters belong to their rightful owners besides the ones that belong to me.

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I AM ALREADY IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK ! The plot looks so damn fine 😫👌🏻
XXLittThingsXX XXLittThingsXX 7 days ago
I love the way you wrote this chapter! It just makes it seem so old and authentic in a way. (Please don't tell me that was offensive.)
                              How you make it this good is jaw dropping.
me after volleyball conditioning for two hours instead of one
*wants to put a heart emoji but then remembers that I don't have a heart*
Same Malia, but sadly it is not pointless. The only thing I find decently fun is adding and quadratics
Nah girl, Timothy is a superhero that could kick your nonexistent ass (jk) any day