Fall For Your Type: Book 2 *Discontinued*

Fall For Your Type: Book 2 *Discontinued*

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H I A T U S 3/25 By Romalottii Updated Aug 20, 2016

This is a sequel to Fall For Your Type: Senior Year
 Maeko returns as well as many of the other characters as well as some new ones. If you read and loved the first book then you will surely love this one. Everyone knows I love to add mystery to my stories so It doesn't pick up where the last book left off, but I promise you I won't disappoint in answering your questions. Make sure you Read, Vote, and Share. I hate silent readers but obvi you're gonna be here as well. Comment if you like. Enjoy this experience with me once more!


Maeko Johnson

Aldino Perkins

Japree & Milo

Za'nae Yusef

Bernard Davis

Lyric Daniels

Lonnie Daniels

Brenden Daniels

Jaylin Reeves

Tommy Johnson

Lando Osmond

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Mrdm45 Mrdm45 Jun 22, 2016
Dino better come back...it can't end with sadness like most stories
ChristianTillman ChristianTillman Jun 20, 2016
He ain't dead and gone dummy! He's coming back with a vengeance!  Get ready to bow down bitches
niickyf niickyf Jan 29
So wait!!!! Your man is still alive & you fckn with brenden 🤔 ok tommy!
jimmynewtron jimmynewtron Jun 12, 2016
You knew what you were getting yourself into before this all started.
chubbychocolate1220 chubbychocolate1220 Aug 15, 2016
We cant do this anymore.. dnt know y but it pisses me off 😒😒
chubbychocolate1220 chubbychocolate1220 Aug 15, 2016
Cant stand these hoes.. U know it ain yo locker so why stop to have yo conversation there 🤔🤔😒😒