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Kawaii~Senpai By Dark_Mysteries Updated Jun 04

''Just because I'm a girl doesn't give you the right to think I'm weak.''
  Dimensions, there are a lot of them, so many that every choice you make, it's the complete opposite in another dimension.
  Misaki Uzumaki, Familiar? I guess not, she is the twin sister of Naruto Uzumaki, you didn't know that? Well..Of course you didn't, you always known Naruto as a single child, but this is another dimension, this is the dimension where Misaki Uzumaki exists.
 She's been to a lot of dimensions, over and over again, but with the same people every time, the cause? The sage of the six paths, no........not only him, but a person..unknown to her
  A person who gets revealed when a jutsu has gone wrong.
  Senju's, Uchiha's, Uzumaki's, Hyuuga's. She's seen them all.
  Going back in time....She's slightly starting to get used to it, learning new things as well.
  But little did she know that going to so many dimensions would cause an effect, but then again....the sage of the six paths didn't know it would happen either.
  Because of this affect...Her original dimension may be in danger.
  And the only way to stop it?
  Well that's simple......She just needs to play 'his' game, and win it.

rosymalik rosymalik May 30
I'd be offended if I hadn't been in the wedding like HOE MY UNCONSCIOUS BODY COULDVE BEEN THERE
SnackShop SnackShop May 23
Mafara... This would be a wonderful name to name a character from The Loin King.
That did not help that current situation naruto u don't put a unconscious body in a wedding😂 LMAO!!