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Falling Worlds; Zelink, Modern Magic AU (The Legend Of Zelda)

Falling Worlds; Zelink, Modern Magic AU (The Legend Of Zelda)

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Smolzen By Sheikahzen Completed

Hyrule; a story world above the clouds. 
Starfall; the surface world that doesn't believe in floating islands. 
Legends of cities in the sky roll across the lands, but no one really believes in them. Only Kaebora, a middle-aged theoretical scientist, and his daughter Zelda openly proclaim that they believe in places such as Hyrule. 
Read on to enjoy a twisting tale of Falling Worlds~
Started May 6th 2016
Ended October 17th 2016
Total write time, 5 months 11 days. 

Last edited 9/21/16

Cj_4_Peace Cj_4_Peace Jun 05, 2016
Hey your stories are awesome. I love them and I'm a huge LoZ fan and completely love Zelink. By the way I'd love to see what happens after link and Zelda get together in a couple of your stories because I get so caught up in the story. 10 out 10 in best stories ever.
AcidFox AcidFox Oct 19, 2016
Your stories are awesome, I tend to forget to vote because I wanna get to the next chapter, but honestly you are such a great author and you truly deserve all the support
Brenjago Brenjago Jul 23, 2016
I tend to forget to vote ass well... Until I'm like "Wait, I haven't voted this book yet! How is this possible!  Is madness!" Then I click the vote button :)
Princess-Zel Princess-Zel Jul 31, 2016
As a fellow Wattpad writer, I concur... That's completely true, and I'm with you 100%. Personally, I read over on, not really Wattpad, but I truly enjoyed the last story I read of yours, and I would love to read this one. So, here I am, haha. I'd better get started. ^^
Quote_Goddess Quote_Goddess Jul 04, 2016
If it a book written by Seikahzen,it HAS to be awesome,and...and,well you get my point! 
                              I love your storys!!!
                              I love your work! 
                              I admirer people like you... So,keep going with your fabulous work!
Akina_Yume Akina_Yume Feb 22
You do! I really your story, there are awesome ! And I think you write very well :)