Falling Worlds; Zelink, Modern Magic AU (The Legend Of Zelda)

Falling Worlds; Zelink, Modern Magic AU (The Legend Of Zelda)

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Sheikahzen By Sheikahzen Completed

Hyrule; a story world above the clouds. 
Starfall; the surface world that doesn't believe in floating islands. 
Legends of cities in the sky roll across the lands, but no one really believes in them. Only Kaebora, a middle-aged theoretical scientist, and his daughter Zelda openly proclaim that they believe in places such as Hyrule. 
Read on to enjoy a twisting tale of Falling Worlds~

I've been getting more and more annoyed, so I'll say it here in the descriptions. Please don't swear in my comment section. If you do, I'll delete it. Hate speech, swearing, and inappropriate comments will all be deleted. 

Started May 6th 2016
Ended October 17th 2016
Total write time, 5 months 11 days. 

Heavy edits finished July 10th 2017

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- - Jun 05, 2016
Hey your stories are awesome. I love them and I'm a huge LoZ fan and completely love Zelink. By the way I'd love to see what happens after link and Zelda get together in a couple of your stories because I get so caught up in the story. 10 out 10 in best stories ever.
AcidFox AcidFox Oct 19, 2016
Your stories are awesome, I tend to forget to vote because I wanna get to the next chapter, but honestly you are such a great author and you truly deserve all the support
Brenjago Brenjago Jul 23, 2016
I tend to forget to vote ass well... Until I'm like "Wait, I haven't voted this book yet! How is this possible!  Is madness!" Then I click the vote button :)
Princess-Zel Princess-Zel Jul 31, 2016
As a fellow Wattpad writer, I concur... That's completely true, and I'm with you 100%. Personally, I read over on fanfiction.net, not really Wattpad, but I truly enjoyed the last story I read of yours, and I would love to read this one. So, here I am, haha. I'd better get started. ^^
Quote_God Quote_God Jul 04, 2016
If it a book written by Seikahzen,it HAS to be awesome,and...and,well you get my point! 
                              I love your storys!!!
                              I love your work! 
                              I admirer people like you... So,keep going with your fabulous work!
Nuagesdansleciel Nuagesdansleciel Feb 22, 2017
You do! I really your story, there are awesome ! And I think you write very well :)