~ON HOLD~ The Styles Triplets [Larry/Ledward/Larcel]

~ON HOLD~ The Styles Triplets [Larry/Ledward/Larcel]

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Julia ♥ By 1DLarry123 Updated May 31, 2014

The Styles triplets were the hottest talk around at the moment. There was Harry, the indie music one who was always wearing a fedora and some type of plaid on his body and usually seen with his iPhone in hand and taking pictures of anything and everything. 

Then there was Edward, the punk who wore low cut singlets to show off his full sleeves and chest of tattoos with a beanie and tight skinny jeans completing the ensemble apart from his angle bites and eyebrow piercing. 

Marcel was the youngest though; his look was combined with a head of slicked back hair, thick black framed glasses and a neat and pristine pair of clean dress pants, a button up shirt with a tie and waistcoat. 

Of course Louis doesn't miss the rumors about them even though he's new in town. He just moved from Doncaster to Cheshire because his mom found some good work here. On his first day in school he's still a bit shy but soon he finds a really good friend, Niall. A blonde boy from Ireland who moved to Cheshire a few years ago.

Soon the triplets hear about the new student so they decide to say "Hi"...

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King_0F_Hearts King_0F_Hearts Nov 27, 2017
I moved from Italy to Ireland and I didn't know anything in english 'cause I had never done it at school...then I moved back to italy for 6th grade but in a different school
little-girly-girl little-girly-girl Jul 19, 2016
uuhhhh boo wtf are you lookin at can I have my damn face back?!??!
1DLarry123 1DLarry123 Aug 09, 2013
@Le_Nouis_Shipper Sorry for the late reply! Thank you haha :D
                              @SlytherinBieber A bit yeah :D
                              @6rsinlarrrrrry Haha thank you :)
1DLarry123 1DLarry123 Jul 31, 2013
@Le_Nouis_Shipper Haha I will today so don't shave her hair!
lalalukey lalalukey Jul 30, 2013
Me: she left me hangin! Gurrrll! You need to update before is shave Aubrey's hair.. ;D
                              Aubrey: *eyes widen* what?!?!? 
                              Me: whut? Let's see if she can save you *smirks*
                              Aubrey: Oh God 
                              YOU NEED TO UPDATE PLEAAASEE!
                              ~Alexia and Aubrey
NIALLatemynamesorry NIALLatemynamesorry Jul 28, 2013
love it!!!!!!!!!! can't wait for more!! and ooooooooo he's having lunch with Edward!!!!!!!!!