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Weird Laws That ACTUALLY Exist

Weird Laws That ACTUALLY Exist

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Moonlightning of WindClan By WarriorCatMoon335 Updated Jan 15

These are some strange laws that exist in places that you may have not known of. >:)

OrangePerfectionist OrangePerfectionist May 09, 2016
In Indianapolis, Indaina, it's illegal to ride a horse over speed limit! :3
smileykat21 smileykat21 May 04, 2016
Did you know it's illegal to drink on a Sunday in Montana... I went there a while ago
1ShadowWolf1 1ShadowWolf1 Sep 13, 2016
Idk if you've done this yet but in a few places it's illegal to die. I can't find the exact on that I'm looking for but just look it up and some places should show up I guess... XD :/
SnowCheetah2468 SnowCheetah2468 May 10, 2016
For 213 years it was illegal for women to wear pants in Paris, France
wooffire3321 wooffire3321 May 31, 2016
1) in Montana it is illegal to hunt whales
                              2) in Colorado, if you borrow a neighbors vacuum cleaner, you will be charged 50$
FairyOfARandomGalaxy FairyOfARandomGalaxy May 04, 2016
I forgot where in Texas, but somewhere in Texas its illegal for a child to have a odd haircut.