Dead or Alive #WATTYS2k17

Dead or Alive #WATTYS2k17

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An original Ghost!DipperAU. . .

Dipper and Mabel Pines were as close as twins could possibly be. Best friends. They never left each other's side. But that was before the accident. Before Mabel lost her brother in a car accident. 

2 Months later, Mabel can see and communicate with her brother's ghost. With her parents thinking that Mabel's in denial, they send her to spend the summer in Gravity Falls in hopes that she will finally accept that her brother is gone.  

Things get a little more complicated when Mabel discovers a journal that might just reveal the secret to bringing her brother back. . .

[Cover made by me lol it took me forever I'll never have the patience to open a cover shop so don't even ask]

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I read this while listening to Stay Alive Reprise from Hamilton  what have I don e
Kitten_shipper225 Kitten_shipper225 Dec 31, 2016
LostGeekLeek LostGeekLeek Oct 10, 2016
Ewwww I'm looking at my pic rn and that's so CRINGEY no why did I draw like that
bumble_bee129 bumble_bee129 Nov 06, 2016
And now I'm here, thanks to Wings' suggestion! I'm going to see how long it takes before I cry, this should be fun hehe.
PastelArii PastelArii Jan 10
Ah, the concept of this whole story is stunning! ^~^ I could only imagine how much I'd be questioning myself and my mental health, while Mabel, on the flipside, just keeps moving forward!