Dead or Alive

Dead or Alive

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(An original AU by yours truly)

To help her cope with her brother's recent death, Mabel has been sent to Gravity Falls to stay with her Great Uncle. What nobody knows is that Dipper isn't exactly gone. Mabel can still see him, but no one else can. 

After a walk through the darkest part of the woods, she discovers a secret. One that holds the key to either bringing her brother back or letting him go for the very last time. 

[Note: this is a very old story but one that I hold close to my heart. Please be respectful and avoid swearing or using God's name in vain. Thank you!]

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EchoSoul12 EchoSoul12 Nov 02, 2017
                              one does not simply
                              kill off a loved character in the first chapter.
                              U EVIL DORITO (hah! i compared you to teh demonic corn chip! >:3)
MaximumFan4431 MaximumFan4431 a day ago
I was hoping for some messy Billdip, but when I found out that Dipper died, I was like...NO!
RhodeKamelot RhodeKamelot Apr 27, 2017
Watch it dude I can burn your face off with one blast (conjures fire ball)
earthtojackie earthtojackie May 30, 2017
And I know you.  What's your point, you finely dressed Dorito?
CaptainCatSparrow CaptainCatSparrow Jul 20, 2017
I read this while listening to Stay Alive Reprise from Hamilton  what have I don e
galacticath galacticath Jun 19, 2017
Hahahahahaha looking back this story is such a dramatic mess like I planned it out a lot and that's good but still I was trying WAAAY too hard XD