seasons come and go / karasuno 1st yrs

seasons come and go / karasuno 1st yrs

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ㅤELㅤ By s-eouI Completed

season based one shots for karasuno's first years (excluding yachi bc i didn't know about her when i wrote this)

          winter ; kageyama
          fall ; tsukishima
          spring ; yamaguchi
          summer ; hinata

- el/s-eouI ; (2016)

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weirdbaepsae weirdbaepsae Nov 22, 2017
OK but this is such a good hc like he likes dark chocolates and other candies that aren't too sweet
why so surprised, bakageyama-kun? you thought i was going to say "children"?
Altean-Queen Altean-Queen Aug 04, 2016
Like he was ever focused on anything else besides volleyball.