That emo kid - A Zane x reader story

That emo kid - A Zane x reader story

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✨Arielle✨ By AriWritesStuff Completed

Phoenix Drop High. A chance of a lifetime for you, and your parents. You came to the school fully prepared for a fantastic year, full of drama and romance.  

Until that emo kid decides to make it his personal goal to ruin your life.

But you stay determined, hoping that for once, your hard work would pay off. But he always seems to be there to mock you, to be the most annoying thing on the planet. You want to punch him.

And yet...

You don't. Because you know he's hiding something. And you want to find out.


Completed as of July 27th, 2016

Who finishes all theire book and find like 50 more and there gone the next day be cause that is so merreee
If my mum caught me screaming into my pillow or crying she would yell at me and tell me that I'm worthless and I have no reason to cry or scream or whatever I'm doing. I hate her..
Hamilfam9806 Hamilfam9806 2 days ago
I WISH *starts crying from only sleeping 4 hours every night because of school*  I-IM PERFECTLY FINE
                              im bad at making things stay alive tho
                              BUT THEYD BE PRETTY
Abby11T Abby11T Sep 13
That would be me everyday but I have school to attend to. So if you'll excuse me.. Lol
Your life is a mistake that I should ask Death to fix*mumbles*or I could ask Demon-Freak