Lovestruck (A Yandere-Simulator Fanfic)

Lovestruck (A Yandere-Simulator Fanfic)

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Sarah R. By HoM32TuCk Completed

(The side story to A New Senpai.)

When a daughter of the Aishi family turn 19, they are expected to have a child with their partner.

Ayano graduates high school, and is having a blissful relationship with Budo. Then, her parents come home. When Ayano's mom tells Budo of their little family tradition, he's unsure of what to do. But he will do anything for his beloved Ayano.

aya_ndo aya_ndo Mar 15
Very nice information after reading that this is a BudoxAyano story 😏
I would if I had a man. T^T my ex dumped me so he could date my (now) ex bff
If only my crush actually liked me back. He likes my f*cking friend instead.
BlueFlames5 BlueFlames5 Apr 11
Yes. My kind are one of the delicate kinds so we need to be treated like a special jewel
aya_ndo aya_ndo Sep 09
@G-kins I never see you anymore, come out the door! Come on, let's go and play!
                              (Hori shitu, I didn't notice you xD until I re-read this story)
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Nope. Gonna be a Single-Pringle the rest of my life! *Smokes Pringle*