The Lost Female Saiyan [COMPLETE]

The Lost Female Saiyan [COMPLETE]

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NightHowls By HowlingAnime Completed

A lost female Saiyan traveled through a dimension to this world from a fateful encounter?

Figuring out she is the daughter of Bardock?

Sister of the one and only Son Goku? 

Yet years here are slow so the female Saiyan is around a certain teen boy's age? 

Also with danger lying ahead of the DBZ Warriors?

Athena the last full-blooded female Super Saiyan must fight along side the warriors to fight someone from her past that she intends to ignore through out her journey. 

Join her as she meets new friends, learns new knowledge, and train with all her might to defeat her opponents, along with a hint of romance.

Who knew she was born from a powerful alien race?


Second Book is out! "Majin Nightmare"

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