What's Love? (Lesbian S4S Story)

What's Love? (Lesbian S4S Story)

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     • an intense feeling of affection.

     • a person or thing that one loves.

Jaden (Jay) was raised in what is called a 'bad neighborhood' or 'the hood' with various gangs and drugs passed around every street corner. She never learned the true meaning of love. All she knew was to keep herself safe, and to fight anything that puts her in harms way. 

Yet, there is one particular new person, who just so happens to catch her eye; slowly making their way into her life.

Based on true events
• with a sprinkle of imagination.

MayaLinah MayaLinah Sep 19
Damn, you got the whole message that the people preach at the beginning of a rated R film. 😭😭
The way Tyra B sings Beyoncé's song I'd Rather Be Blind 😍😍😍 like her voice is so pretty
qqueenpetty qqueenpetty Jul 13
Is it bad that im kinda attracted to this lifestyle its something abt it
lildee25 lildee25 Jul 15
U did better then the other writing u didn't mess up at all hun and dis book is good
PoeticBlues PoeticBlues May 15
Yess👏, I found ya book in my suggestions & its off to a strong start fr. I like it & I cant wait for an update J,