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Atlantech: The Early Days Volume One

Atlantech: The Early Days Volume One

726 Reads 74 Votes 30 Part Story
Atlantech By Atlantech Completed

Set in the year 4000 in an intergalactic dystopian city called Atlantis. It is the final home of mankind ever since the destruction of Earth by an ancient race of rogue human like aliens known as the Tjatey who had been fooled into attacking the humans on behalf of another.

    And now a hundred years later Atlantis City is thriving, an art deco themed, gambler's paradise for the people, but as for the AMF and the remaining Tjatey warriors it is hell. For those in the military, they've been banned from part of the city and branded as traitors by the people and the city council, lead by the powerful and corrupt tyrant Julius Morane.

    Still there is hope as some of the young soldiers in the AMF are trying to bring back unity, but the only question now is can they succeed? And while the former Tjatey warriors have given up their war like nature and have integrated with the humans, there are those who are growing tired of living under their rules and they long for the old days again. Now the clock is ticking and it's only a matter of time before the threat of the Tjatey rises again.

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