Welcome To Swag-punk High

Welcome To Swag-punk High

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TuRMmie! By ShadowNinjaBoss Updated Oct 08, 2016

" Welcome to Swag-punk high!"

" Not like your normal school woth drama,in fact 
" with 8 turtle heart throbs of the school and you trying to make friends with them
" but luck for you~ you made eight friends along the way of surviving the drama filled school life"
" maybe you'll help them instead of them helping you"
" Maybe neither will be able to help the other 
Or maybe the school will turn agaisnt you~"
* giggles lightly* 
" we can't wait to see you there~bye bye~"

Street punks (c) sircocon 
Swag turtles (c) Hashiree
Story (c) Lelonarda aka Me

  • drama
  • highschool
  • love
  • streetpunks
  • swagturtles
Better have tupac, biggie, easy - e, ghost face killah, and dose niggas rich shottas and all of N.W.A
On no I don't got a glock in my pocket I tossed it under the bed already and put it on safety
I would rather do that then running from the cops since people don't know how to ack and getting shot in the arm twice
don't know yo name child done had to much holy water oh lawd JESUSSSSSSSS
And dey gang 
                              Swift: east syde cripz
                              Ghost: polo gang
                              M C: Latin kings
                              Rebel: CO bloodz
Oh no I don't got a glock I tossed it under the bed already and put it on safety