Who Knew the Past Could Tell A Lot About One's Future [Discontinued]

Who Knew the Past Could Tell A Lot About One's Future [Discontinued]

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[Sequel to Who Knew My Future Would Be Out of the Darkness?]

Sarada went back in time and met her father. She learned that despite him not being there, he did in fact care about her and her mother.

However, Boruto despises his father, Naruto, because he is never able to spend time with him. Even though his father is the Hokage, Boruto believes that Naruto only cares about his work and not enough about his family.

Sarada tries to make Boruto understand that despite his father being caught up in work doesn't mean that his father doesn't care. But Boruto refuses to listen to Sarada so she makes it her mission to make Boruto understand.

Sarada's determination enables her wish to be granted and both Sarada and Boruto were flung back to the time when Naruto was nineteen. 

Will Sarada be able to make Boruto understand? And will Sasuke recognize his daughter or have they been flung into a completely different timeline?

(This description kinda sucks.)

Sequel to Who Knew My Future Would Be Out of the Darkness

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I remember when my dad was so caught up in work he forgot about my birthday... that was shen I turned 12 I think...
                              I'm 13 and he thought I was 10 and in 6th grade.
It's funny because he's a smart (Nara) boy yet hw handed it in last
BeautifulBelladonna0 BeautifulBelladonna0 Sep 11, 2017
I honestly don't hate boruto for hating Naruto (not that I hate Naruto) I guess I just understand that Boruto is a kid and kids will always misunderstand their parents
chris_akira chris_akira Nov 19, 2016
Hey, could you check out my NaruHina fanfictions? There are a few on my profile.
deluxe534 deluxe534 May 17, 2016
This story is awesome!!! Please update and continue this story soon!!!!
reona-chwan reona-chwan May 14, 2016
When u love the and u have to wait for a period of time for another update😭😭😭