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At birth, I was given a necklace that was half of a unique shape and my soulmate wore the other half. The warmer it got, the closer together we were. You would think this would spare me the pain and heartbreak of being played with. Wrong. You see my soulmate, Brian, is the love of every girls life and I just so happen to be matched with him. The problem? I never really planned who I fell in love with. I didn't plan on not wanting to be soul mates with Brian, it's just that Alex entered my life and it just happened, and when it did, I fell hard and fast. But you see the thing is they told us me and Alex couldn't be together. But, he told me he would fight for us, he would fight for all the fireflies in this world whose light has faded. But we were going to prove them wrong. Because in the end, I loved him as much as a firefly with a bright burning passion.

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DavidEdyn DavidEdyn Jul 10
Yo i aint funna read this but I just wanna say dope book
                              If I had a vagina I'm sure I'd love it
John_beaver John_beaver Oct 19, 2016
I'm just starting to read your book, but you seem to be such a clever writer. Please don't stop doing it
TheJellyAwards TheJellyAwards Nov 29, 2016
I love this! [I think I saw this idea on Pinterest! Was it yours? Just wondering] It is intriguing and interesting. A lovely story!
G1rlDatl0vesUn1c0rns G1rlDatl0vesUn1c0rns Sep 26, 2016
This Alex is about to cause some troooouuuble, I can smeLllll it
Oh wow!!! This is... Outstanding!! I love how even though she's "meant" for Brian, she's gonna fall for Alex. It's not like a "sickly sweet romance story, more like i can't put it down I'm obsessed with this", romance story. AMAZING!!!
RecoveringIntrovert RecoveringIntrovert Oct 30, 2016
So the necklace comes out of the birth canal along with the baby? That's pretty crazy!! Wow, this is imaginative :)