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Creepy Two Sentence Stories

Creepy Two Sentence Stories

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**Silent Nights** By SilentNightAlone Completed

These are Creepy Two Sentence Stories/ Creepy Short Stories.

XxYasashii_HikariXx XxYasashii_HikariXx Jul 25, 2016
That pic above looks like from the movie  poltergeist, i think. Anyways you did good~ ^_^
IndiaWatts4 IndiaWatts4 Jun 13, 2016
If the number is 13 it might be scary because if you guys heard it's Friday the 13th and she lives on the 13th floor
puppdoggy puppdoggy Jul 27, 2016
Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can *falls* ahhhhhhhh my legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KaylaLovesAesthetics KaylaLovesAesthetics Nov 10, 2016
That's either a flying psychopath or the creepiest window washer ever
XxGalaxyCookie774xX XxGalaxyCookie774xX Dec 16, 2016
                              I think somebody stole your story idea and the stories inside your book. Either that or you got the same websites for this.
This is Scary because me and my wife just moved to the 13th floor of a building about a week ago and we have a large bedroom window