virgin mom| myg

virgin mom| myg

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lover in training By teabaq Completed

"stop talking to my mommy or my dad's gonna get you."

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#1 in fanfiction august 15, 2016  - august 28, 2016

[same day as agust d debut!]

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notinuse6578 notinuse6578 Aug 30, 2017
and I'm highkey confused 
                              Is it because I've been sniffing a lot of bubble tissues before reading this?
notinuse6578 notinuse6578 Aug 30, 2017
... and it takes me years to wrote just a few chapters, nvm complete a whole book in a span of a few months
MemesGivDepression MemesGivDepression Apr 20, 2017
I'm sorry but I already read this book it was great but I just came back cause all I can think about is how this is like Monster's INC and how they found Boo😂 so cute
evelyn090701 evelyn090701 Aug 21, 2017
Ayyy I read it a whole year after it was finished 😏😏😏
sugarsparkle69 sugarsparkle69 Nov 12, 2016
Wow! A really interesting start. I was expecting a stalker or something, but not a child!