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❝So all in all, my dear Chou, welcome to the BTS Psychiatric Hospital for the Criminally Insane, where if you aren't crazy when you enter, you sure as hell will be by the time you leave.❞   
A journalist went to a mental hospital for criminals. 
What she would learn would change her life forever. 


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lmao i’m criminally insane because of school.
                              i know bangtan will be there, so can chou kindly take me with her 😂
Hang themselves using shoelaces?
                              How tf did they manage to do that?
I should be in there
                              But I would be planning my escape anyways :P
noonoo- noonoo- Oct 31
true true. shoelaces, hair ties, anything sharp, anything metal, anything too long, and basically anything you can 'hurt' someone and/or yourself, is not allowed. Lmao don't ask me how I know
springbts springbts Oct 13
BTS are all murderers tbh bc they all murdered my heart & wrecked my bias
*is currently trying to decide which boy would be most likely to be the murderer*
                              ...or will they all be? Hmmmmmm