Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business

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brit By britxcvi Updated Oct 17

Sarai Delgado sat at the edge of the cliff that overlooked the water, at her wits end. She had come to this cliff many times before,
more than she could count on her fingers and toes. Many times she'd come to just clear her mind, and other times she'd contemplate her fate. 

Tonight was the night she'd finally made up her mind; she was going to jump. It may have been the bottle of whiskey giving her the extra courage she finally needed, because every time she took a swig the voices in her head screamed at her to do it already. 

Taking another swig of her whiskey she touched the old family picture that was by her side, "I'm coming soon, I swear I am." 

As much as she'd like to believe she was going to heaven, she knew that with the sins that dribbled there way into her life, she'd probably be roommates with the devil. It wasn't like she had a strong sense of faith anyways. Her faith was just as shaky as her life; it was comparable to a 4.0 earthquake. Sarai also knew it wasn't good to...

JenniOsorio JenniOsorio Oct 18
jhene loves fire so it fit the character  lol I'm already hooked lol
__Here __Here Oct 17
He is so cute😍😍😍 but I needed him to stop talking in this scene cuz he know he ain't hood.
яєєєєєєкккк 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
love maybe or I'm just saying this because I'm a hopeless romantic & believe everyone should find love