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♛Rosé Stark Rogers♕ By elysianights Updated Aug 20, 2018

#5 in Mystery/Thriller on 10/2

  ❝You have no idea about how dangerous I am, who I am and what I did. I prefer it that way. I am the designer of my own catastrophe, I am my own villain and own destruction. Don't acquaint yourself with me, you will regret it immensely in the future,❞ she paused to take a whiff of her half-finished cigarette and tainted the air with both her exhale of smoke and her presence, then continued in a low voice,❝But take one advice of mine― never ever trust anyone in Roséville.❞

  ❝Not even you?❞

  ❝Especially me.❞

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@archertypes (Cinderelliot): ❝I'M HOOKED. HOW IS IT NOT AT 1 MILLION READS?❞

@joymoment (Every Second): ❝Obsessed. This is the only word that can describe my love for this book! It's like finding buried treasure where you weren't looking for it! It grabs you by the collar from the very first word & drags you into this intense world of such vivid & rich detail! Words can't really describe how much I love this book & how amazingly it is written! I pity all those poor suckers who have yet to find the amazingness that's this book! I can't wait to see where this book takes you because its truly amazing and deserves all the recognition it could ever receive! You are amazing! Your way with words is breathtaking to say the least!❞

@orphanblood (Mediocre Poems): ❝I am very honored as a reader to be reading something that is fresh and not something with 500k or even a million and more reads. I would say, don't complain about those artificial & cliché stories. Read something new & valuable. Everyone might not like it, but it possesses originality which is why I truly respect. I like the mystery behind it bc you want to leave your readers wanting more. Each chapter doesn't need to have a thrill in it. You want us to come back for seconds like dinner at a dinner table. I admire how detailed your chapters are. This will be an AWESOME full length book!❞

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