Deal? Deal. [bts; j.j.k]

Deal? Deal. [bts; j.j.k]

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"Then let's make a deal," He said, sitting up. "If I come back from America, and become one of the most handsomest guys ever, you will be my girlfriend." 

I choked on my spit. 

As I coughed, Jungkook chuckled and patted my back. "Deal?" 

I hesitated. "Okay, deal."

Started: 03/05/16 
Completed: 01/01/17

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Girl you about to be the luckiest girl cuz fcccck he is definitely gonna be one of the hottest guys
jiminwreck jiminwreck Jun 02
Wait what you're just in 6th?!😂 And here I was thinking that you'd be 17-18 or so😂🙈
Wat?! Then why u up in here trying to get them shirtless pics of jin
brothers are such a pain in the ass I hate them..though I wouldn't mind having Tae as my brother
Omg this us the first time I've read a story where tae is the main girls brother, yayayaya
jen112792 jen112792 Jul 19
Goodness I feel like a young kiddie here. Lol. I imagined their walkie looks like a barbi w/ colorful stickers