The Class Reject: A Pariah in Purgatory (Book II)

The Class Reject: A Pariah in Purgatory (Book II)

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U.C. Kalu By XxUCOxX Completed

Just when it seemed like life couldn't possibly get any worse, Miren Eze dies - literally and figuratively. Caught in a limbo of deception and destruction, she realises her problems have only just began. Like the fact that her "death" has only sharpened Penelope's prep school popularity, while emotionally devastating Parker and Artemis. 

But what's even more confusing is Miren's relationship with Jeno - if they can even call it that. As they and their fellow Revengers - Wallace  and Chara - try to come up with a new scheme, it becomes increasingly evident that taking down a Queen Bee is a lot harder - and dangerous - than they could have ever imagined. Especially when Miren's identity as Miles is still on the line. 

MEAN GIRLS meets SHE'S THE MAN in a humorous, but darker tale of identity and redemption.

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x_XBTS_ARMYX_x x_XBTS_ARMYX_x Jun 21, 2017
U r beautiful 😻🙀 I luv ur books I luv u and I luv u more!
Dreamsstealer Dreamsstealer May 23, 2016
Haha...that has got to be one of the cutest and funniest author notes I've ever read...Thanks for the laughs...can't wait to start
Thegirlwhosoared Thegirlwhosoared Jan 01, 2017
Thank you for writing such an amazing book with an original plot , diverse characters, and good grammar. That's something hard to find on Wattpad. :)))
Nica_diAngelo Nica_diAngelo Aug 03, 2016
1. Your book collection stuns. 2. Can't wait to start reading this! 3.You are awesome. Seriously. I think you're my role model now.
notinthemood4shit notinthemood4shit Dec 29, 2016
It's a Trilogy, not a threequel. It only applies to the second book, called a sequel.
BlackGold8991 BlackGold8991 Jun 20, 2016
I like you ! 🙆🙌 "As a bro" of course, but your a great author! Keep on going 😁