A Life Worth Living ~Hermione and Draco Story~

A Life Worth Living ~Hermione and Draco Story~

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~J.K Rowling owns all rights to these characters. Except Amelia. That little bundle of sunshine is mine!!!~

Hermione's POV

I packed. Everything I needed I packed. Even some things I didn't need were packed. I had cleared the cupboards of non-perishable foods. My practical clothes were in my beaded bag. The essential books I may need were in my beaded bag. I had three tents, all shrunk and in my rucksack. I had hundreds of self-replenishing potions. My final items were some personal ones. I had made a copy of the picture Madame Pomfrey took of me, Draco and Amelia, on the day she was born. I choked up looking at that picture, but I would need it with me, to remind me why I was out there. She is the reason I would fight. I would die before I saw her harmed.

It has been two months since she was taken, and my heart grows colder each day we are apart. It kills me to wake each morning, knowing I cannot hold her, knowing I will no see those big, beautiful brown eyes, or those bouncing blon...

HarryPotterPenguin13 HarryPotterPenguin13 Jun 30, 2017
"Cause I had lost my best friend" *coughs extremely loud* BOYFRIEND
SupMyOldFriend SupMyOldFriend Feb 17, 2017
                              Those get back together or I swear I will love potion them to the next century
PenelopeSmith22 PenelopeSmith22 Jan 12, 2017
Awww poor Hermione! I hope she and Draco get back together. <3
monicac1521 monicac1521 May 23, 2015
Great firrst book( I was addicted to reading it, it was great. )I hope you write more that a few chapters you are a great writer and love this story it's really good.
DarcieEloise DarcieEloise Jan 21, 2015
Too good to stop at 3/4 chapters!!!! You have to write more!!!!!
FairRiverMaiden FairRiverMaiden May 24, 2012
This is really good. Hermione and Draco is not a combination I would have thought of.