A Life Worth Living ~Hermione and Draco Story~

A Life Worth Living ~Hermione and Draco Story~

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~J.K Rowling owns all rights to these characters. Except Amelia. That little bundle of sunshine is mine!!!~

Hermione's POV

I packed. Everything I needed I packed. Even some things I didn't need were packed. I had cleared the cupboards of non-perishable foods. My practical clothes were in my beaded bag. The essential books I may need were in my beaded bag. I had three tents, all shrunk and in my rucksack. I had hundreds of self-replenishing potions. My final items were some personal ones. I had made a copy of the picture Madame Pomfrey took of me, Draco and Amelia, on the day she was born. I choked up looking at that picture, but I would need it with me, to remind me why I was out there. She is the reason I would fight. I would die before I saw her harmed.

It has been two months since she was taken, and my heart grows colder each day we are apart. It kills me to wake each morning, knowing I cannot hold her, knowing I will no see those big, beautiful brown eyes, or those bouncing blon...

PenelopeSmith22 PenelopeSmith22 6 days ago
Awww poor Hermione! I hope she and Draco get back together. <3
monicac1521 monicac1521 May 23, 2015
Great firrst book( I was addicted to reading it, it was great. )I hope you write more that a few chapters you are a great writer and love this story it's really good.
DarcieEloise DarcieEloise Jan 21, 2015
Too good to stop at 3/4 chapters!!!! You have to write more!!!!!
FairRiverMaiden FairRiverMaiden May 24, 2012
This is really good. Hermione and Draco is not a combination I would have thought of.
JessieAnn_32 JessieAnn_32 Dec 04, 2011
I love this and the first one! Upload soon please! Can't wait! :)
Hodaria Hodaria Nov 18, 2011
I finished the first book and loved it....I immediately came to find the second. LOVE LOVE LOVE your writing and you plot, the story, the characters...all of it. Can't wait for you update!!