Tokyo Ghoul CRACK [Completed... NOT!]

Tokyo Ghoul CRACK [Completed... NOT!]

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Unknown/ Mika's bitch- let the dank memes begin By FullmetalSurveycorp Completed

Warning! There will be cussing

 There will be a lot of moments where you just wanna just curl up in a ball and cry so PROCEED WITH CAUTION

Don't read this if you haven't read TG :Re
There will be tons of spoilers for √A

LeSenpai LeSenpai Sep 27
I absolutely despise TouKen 
                              They're not good for each other at all
youkenrun youkenrun Oct 01
I THINK TOUKEN IS GROSS OMG EW I LITERALLY HATE IT WITH A PASSION HIDEKANE ALL THE WAY GUYS (and ayakane and kanekicest *screams with love of gay otps)
The_BlackParade The_BlackParade 3 days ago
Put this on my gravestone (wait why do I always say this I actually don't want my body to rot in a field of other rotting corpses what)
My cat did that this morning and I was thinking "draw me like one of your French cats"
Are we not going to talk about the fact that their friend is L?