Tokyo Ghoul CRACK [Completed... NOT!]

Tokyo Ghoul CRACK [Completed... NOT!]

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HERES DA DUCK POLICE By FullmetalSurveycorp Updated 4 days ago

Warning! There will be cussing

 There will be a lot of moments where you just wanna just curl up in a ball and cry so PROCEED WITH CAUTION

Don't read this if you haven't read TG :Re
There will be tons of spoilers for √A

LeSenpai LeSenpai Sep 27, 2016
I absolutely despise TouKen 
                              They're not good for each other at all
bbykags bbykags Oct 01, 2016
I THINK TOUKEN IS GROSS OMG EW I LITERALLY HATE IT WITH A PASSION HIDEKANE ALL THE WAY GUYS (and ayakane and kanekicest *screams with love of gay otps)
The_BlackParade The_BlackParade Dec 05, 2016
Put this on my gravestone (wait why do I always say this I actually don't want my body to rot in a field of other rotting corpses what)
WolfWillowTheWarrior WolfWillowTheWarrior Nov 26, 2016
My cat did that this morning and I was thinking "draw me like one of your French cats"
AmeliaIsChill AmeliaIsChill Sep 09, 2016
Are we not going to talk about the fact that their friend is L?
mangareadergirl13 mangareadergirl13 Dec 15, 2016
Nishiki X Kimi is a definite yes but I'm not sure who to ship Kaneki with. I think Hide and Kaneki is a friendship thing. I'm not sure about him and Touka