Tokyo Ghoul CRACK [Completed... NOT!]

Tokyo Ghoul CRACK [Completed... NOT!]

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Usurper!! By FullmetalSurveycorp Updated Jul 12

Warning! There will be cussing

 There will be a lot of moments where you just wanna just curl up in a ball and cry so PROCEED WITH CAUTION

Don't read this if you haven't read TG :Re
There will be tons of spoilers for √A

HannaXOXO13 HannaXOXO13 Mar 11
Nah fam kimi and Nishiki get me in my couples feels soooooo THE SHIP HAS SAILED LADIES SND GENTLEMAN
KunoKaede KunoKaede Jul 02
I still ship HideKane, even though I know what happened in the recent chapters, but everyone ships different things. Tokyo Ghoul shouldn't be a ship war. :)
it-waFELL it-waFELL May 31
                              HIDEKANE IS BEST, FITE ME, okay sorry, ik what Kaneki and Touka did in the latest chapter but—
                              also, Tsukiyama x Kaneki is nice
KunoKaede KunoKaede Jul 02
I ship Nishiki and Kimi too. Aren't they the only canon ship besides TouKen?
LeSenpai LeSenpai Sep 27, 2016
I absolutely despise TouKen 
                              They're not good for each other at all
kothehoe kothehoe Oct 01, 2016
I THINK TOUKEN IS GROSS OMG EW I LITERALLY HATE IT WITH A PASSION HIDEKANE ALL THE WAY GUYS (and ayakane and kanekicest *screams with love of gay otps)