Hetalia! Country x Reader (Lemons)

Hetalia! Country x Reader (Lemons)

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indigoflamingo By indigoflamingo Updated Jun 16, 2015

Hello =)

I am taking requests for Country x Reader one-shots now! Please feel free to leave a request, those who do request will have that one-shot dedicated to them. 

Also, I would like to add that these requests are written with a female reader character. If you want it to be written from the p.o.v of a male reader, just let me know =)

That's all from me, enjoy!

IcelandsLicorice IcelandsLicorice 3 days ago
If no one has asked, can you please do a Liechtenstein x Fem!Reader?
alisanalien alisanalien Jun 16, 2016
Are you still taking requests?if so,may I request a China X reader?8)
GreenEyedOkami GreenEyedOkami Sep 21, 2016
Can you do a Ludwig x Reader?? You're  Romano once was awesome lol
Maria5670 Maria5670 Jul 22, 2016
I'm sorry if you're not taking requests anymore >///< but could you please do Austria x Reader or Canada x Reader, please?
Umidonno Umidonno Sep 11, 2016
Belarus X Fem! Reader please? There's not enough on Wattpad.
Iinuskaaanuska Iinuskaaanuska Oct 02, 2016
Hey, I really like your stories and I just wanted to request this one thing...c-could you do a Russia x Chubby!Reader? It'd make my day. Thank you ^//^