Goodbye Kiss

Goodbye Kiss

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xAmourAmorx By xAmourAmorx Updated Oct 14

*Previously known as 28 Days*

There was a knock on my door as I cried and I contemplated whether or not to open it. 

The knocking soon turned to pounding and I rushed to open the door. 

"What do you want?" I hissed at him. 

He looked at me curiously and frowned. "Why are you crying?"

"It's none of your business." I snapped, stepping back and into my room. 

He walked into the room and closed the door behind him before pulling me into his arms for a hug. Normally I would push him away, but his hug was reassuring. 

He walked us over to the bed and sat us down. My head was placed on his chest, with the steady beat of his heart below me. 

He shifted under me as if to get up and leave, but I stopped him. "Don't leave yet, please." I begged, wrapping an arm around him. 

"I wasn't planning to." He smiled down at me as he stroked my hair. My eyes felt heavy and I began to fall asleep with him still stroking my hair and rubbing my back. 

I wouldn't normally sit there, and let him comfort me, but there was no one left to turn to. He was the only person who hadn't stabbed me in the back. 

"I'll always be here for you." He promised, as he placed a quick, gentle kiss on my forehead. "Always." 


She was loud, corky, and energetic. She didn't care what others thought about her. She was happy with who she was. She was lively and always smiling. She was Joy. But that was all before him. 

Then there was her crush, Christian, from two years ago. He wasn't your typical jock and she loved that about him. What happens when sparks fly between the two of them? Will they fall in love? Or will he leave her broken-hearted? 

There's also Joy's annoying neighbor, Elijah; who loves teasing her. He's not your typical jock either. What happens when things heat up between Joy and Elijah? 

And just when feelings are finally confessed, tragedy strikes. Will love prevail in the end? Or will someone be left to pick up the broken pieces?

  • breakup
  • goodbye
  • heartbreak
  • jock
  • romance
  • tragedy
  • younglove
bananguard bananguard Jul 30, 2016
I haven't started yet, obviously, but so far it seems like it's gonna be a really great book. I'm excited to start the book.
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Well now that you ask...I want fries, cake eh tacos sounds good oh and I cream will be good thanks. :)
-RiceGum- -RiceGum- Jul 30, 2016
Well you could have dodged that
                              But that again.... It's not my business
-Shaii- -Shaii- Jul 21, 2016
Maybe always will be our...
                              FÜCK of bïàtch!
                              Sorry.... I saw this in another story and had to write it. Plz don't kill me 😥
- - Jul 21, 2016
Sorry, sorry.. I love this sentence but I saw constipated instead of contemplate. Sorry.
FandomFoodFangirl FandomFoodFangirl Jul 18, 2016
For a minute I read when the author commented on my messages I thought it was "Read my books IN 28 days..."