Red Tulips  *Doflamingo X Reader*

Red Tulips *Doflamingo X Reader*

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Raven °^° By TOP_RAVEN Completed

Donquixote Doflamingo X Florist Reader
Modern AU

(Y/n) (L/n) is a florist in the city of Dressrosa. There she meets Donquixote Doflamingo; what starts out at first as just planning Corazons wedding, ends up making Doflamingo fall for the florist. 

But what will happen when (y/n)'s past comes back to take over her new life?

°°°° All characters belong to Oda and all rights for one piece are his and what not. I dont own One Piece, just the story, i also dont own you and your person. Lol °°°°

Start date: June 4, 2016
End date:  June 30, 2016

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... I just realized the reference too one of the other books in here (Dawn City)
Donquixote_Joker Donquixote_Joker May 22, 2016
Yaaayyyy yaaayyy and more yaaaaayyyy . Update soon if you wanna live !!! Jk ♡♡♡ awesome story cant wait !! :)
Donquixote_Joker Donquixote_Joker May 21, 2016
OH MY HOD YESSSS DOFFYYYY MY LOOOVVVEEEEEE !!!! I CANT WAIT !!! Btw.... I hope law and doffy are in good terms or that law stays with me xD
keri132 keri132 Dec 28, 2016
Dose it bother anyone else to know he wasn't supposed to ever talk in front of anyone but law in the anime and manga? Just me? Okay.
Brains4Brekkie Brains4Brekkie Jan 25, 2017
That really made me sad for him. I just felt my heart stop beating and I'm sitting here like, wtf just happened
Metalicana Metalicana Aug 02, 2016
Eins? Zwei?  Ohhh! We'll isn't that the good ol' German language XD