Count On Me | Marichat

Count On Me | Marichat

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Potato By Yuushii Completed


"I'll be there for you Mari" 

- Chat Noir

After Marinette confesses to Adrien and finds out that he likes another, it tears her apart and eventually Chat Noir was by her side and comforted her through the tough times. As time went by and as the memories with Chat Noir flew by, will Marinette keep her old love or go to another?

So subtle Alya you just couldn't be any more subtle could u girl?
The cover and the title is related to the song "Count on me" by Bruno Mars. "you can COUNT ON ME (the title), like 123, I'LL BE THERE (the headline written on the cover of this book)"
Don't worry about it, if he does the fangirls will "persuade" him..
KuroNeko414 KuroNeko414 Sep 20
*face floor* He's in love with your alter ego! who else saves, is brave and smart and all that huh?
Honestly, girl get a grip of ur emotions *shakes head disaprovingly*
Don't worry Marinette cause if u do get rejected I'll be there to sing...
                              REJECTED, REJECTED YA U JUST GOT REJECTED!!!!!!! R--E--J--E--C--T--E--D REJECTED!!!!!!!!!!!