Naruto pics + tags

Naruto pics + tags

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It has tags....
It has my rants. you can skip it if want. 
It has family pictures...
It has my ship's pictures...
It also has BoruSara pics btw...
It has team pictures... And others!

WARNING: most of it is SasuSaku or SasuSakuSara!!

I rant. like, seriously. 

oh. and some other animes may be involved. 

I am cannon only ppl!! plus NejiTen, BoruSara and InoHima. 


I do not own ANY of the pics...

Nor do i own the anime Naruto, or any anime that i will rant about.

- - Aug 13
                              MY DAUGHTER THERE!!!
                              WHY DID YOU LET HER WITH THAT SON OF A DOBE!!?
Sorry couldn't reply to your message sooner also did you say you know my sister??
Why kishimoto?! Why did you kill all the long haired boys!!!
Why?!! Why is it only ten ten hasn't have a someone!!! I feel bad right now
                              Tenten: *sobs in the corner* Neji is dead…
                              Don't worry, Neji still be alive in this conversation.
                              Tenten: Thank you, Leo-san