Shy Girl, Sad Girl, Bad Girl

Shy Girl, Sad Girl, Bad Girl

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"I, Mason Bradley Roth, reject you."

I smile, laughing like an insane maniac instead of crying, taking a step towards him. "I Jessica Parker, accept your rejection, Mason Roth. You will regret that."
Three words that changed my life.

Jessica Parker was an abused member of her pack. No, she didn't kill anyone. Her parents died, and she is cared for by her distantly related cousin, Josie. 

Until she's rejected.

Note: I wrote this when I was like 11.

  • love
  • rejection
  • werewolf
KittyQT1 KittyQT1 Jul 02, 2017
Don't you think Demitri already knows he's the third in command? Just saying you don't need to remind him Ajax. Tupid.
Maxshimae Maxshimae Oct 27, 2017
Im sorry but when you said Japanese i practically screamed Otaku! in diss house
                              P.S Sorry if ur not an otaku!
hey_itz_rosy hey_itz_rosy Jul 19, 2017
*grabs a calculator and starts doing equations*
                              Chase:What are you doing?
                              Me:Trying to find out why you are talking to me, The QUEEN😒
you_wont_find_me you_wont_find_me Aug 02, 2017
Thats what I say all the time when someone asks me to give them something