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YouTube's Husband  ||  Destiel

YouTube's Husband || Destiel

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•Call Me Cas• By ludictroye Updated 4 days ago

Dean Winchester, the Hot YouTuber.

Castiel Novak, the Awkward Teacher.

Together, they're the secret gay couple.

InASea_OfShips InASea_OfShips Oct 05, 2016
If I were Cas I'd be checking it for spelling and grammar then grading it
I thought it said divorce papers and had a little panic attack
completeebandtrash completeebandtrash Oct 19, 2016
I'm never writing fanfiction in class again.  I would be dead if one of my teachers read it
deansjeans deansjeans Jun 30, 2016
It's near 2 am and I just found this story and I'm determined to catch up on all the chapters before I fall asleep. Wish me luck