Enemies To Lovers | An Aarmau Fanfiction

Enemies To Lovers | An Aarmau Fanfiction

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Part 1 (Modern): 
When it seems like they are never going to get along. A spark comes between them that changes there lives. But when troubles come they need to learn how to stay positive.

Part 2 (Medieval):
Aphmau is a princess of Pheonix Drop. Her father was killed in the War of O'khasis. Her mother decides to give her a personal guard. She hates that decision and tries to run away from it. Will she become accustomed to this guard or will she forever despise the Guard?


STARTED: May 2, 2016
ENDED: July 18, 2016

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piximist941 piximist941 Apr 02
walks away turns around kills aaron walks back to travis "ok i'm done"
AkitaKyoko AkitaKyoko Aug 16
Not in my school. When someone does something, the whole class gets an earful, so most of us keep each other's secrets so word doesn't get out.
May-Blossom May-Blossom Mar 15
Travis:  Do you want to be friends or something? I dont really have anyone to talk to.
                              Me: *laughs than sighs* me too  
                              But really I only have 3 friends but they are the best and it's better than nothing
AkitaKyoko AkitaKyoko Aug 16
Bleeding? I'm not entirely sure if a girl can do that much damage to you, so I'll pretend that you're just weak
Love_Legend Love_Legend Nov 30, 2016
@PaulinaGarcia948 ya they should but they don't there trying to make us Happy