It's A Challenge, Then || Human!Sans X Reader (REWRITTEN)

It's A Challenge, Then || Human!Sans X Reader (REWRITTEN)

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rapnunster By CapricornTheSeaGoat Updated Jul 07

Don't read this unless you want to lose your eyesight. Constructive criticism is welcomed with open arms.


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MegaGoldenEevee MegaGoldenEevee Sep 09, 2016
Dont worry I'm lazy to... I'm actually gonna spend the weekend sleeping and reading LOL 😂
                              Actually, what I said is a waist of a weekend! 😲
                              I was using your name to fill the blank, but even /you/ aren't this clingy.......
AllysunYoungblood AllysunYoungblood Sep 21, 2016
Brother: (sprays me with water gun)
                              Me: (slaps him across the face and goes back to sleep and hears it is the first day of school) Eh I don't care.... (FINALLY goes back to sleep)
                              A playboy's characteristics are blunt cruel and little bit perverse??
                              Ugh I'm a playboy then....
                              (Psh nah)