It's A Challenge Then || Human!Sans X Reader (REWRITTEN)

It's A Challenge Then || Human!Sans X Reader (REWRITTEN)

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Amber Liu My Wife By CapricornTheSeaGoat Updated Jan 06

Your name is (y/n) (l/n). You go to Undertale High, a school which you loved dearly. It was your first year, you thought everything would be straight out of the ordinary. No drama at all. Just your regular freshman at your average high school. 


You jinxed it. The school's playboy, Sans, has flirted with basically every girl in the building, his relationships never last long. One minute he's with a girl, the next he leaves her bawling her eyes out. Get together, break up, all that jazz. He's always on the move, like a lion hunting for fresh prey. Some say that he has a heart of stone, a jerk who forges relationships only for his entertainment. And well...some girls actually think of it as a challenge and eventually become more desperate and longing for him-- someone who's clearly out of their reach. Hence, he wants something new for a change. His other lovers were getting way too outdated for his tastes anyway.

And you're the source of amusement he needs.

DISCLAIMER! I am not the owner of the art, nor Undertale. I only own this story.

MegaGoldenEevee MegaGoldenEevee Sep 09, 2016
Dont worry I'm lazy to... I'm actually gonna spend the weekend sleeping and reading LOL 😂
                              Actually, what I said is a waist of a weekend! 😲
                              I was using your name to fill the blank, but even /you/ aren't this clingy.......
AllysunYoungblood AllysunYoungblood Sep 21, 2016
Brother: (sprays me with water gun)
                              Me: (slaps him across the face and goes back to sleep and hears it is the first day of school) Eh I don't care.... (FINALLY goes back to sleep)
                              A playboy's characteristics are blunt cruel and little bit perverse??
                              Ugh I'm a playboy then....
                              (Psh nah)