flowers :・゚✧ egobang

flowers :・゚✧ egobang

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a beautiful flower for a beautiful flower.

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- trigger warning

[ pairing ;; egobang ]

shylo600 shylo600 Dec 09, 2016
"Oh dear"
                              Did you hear that kids?
                              That was my heart shattering and me falling in love with this AU
                              bless you, author.
"I didn't catch your name"
                              "Because I didn't throw it"
                              HEATHERS THE MUSICAL REFERENCE?
rantarou rantarou Oct 21, 2016
did you hear that ???? thats my heart fucjing dying because danny is adorable
LateNight_BingeFest LateNight_BingeFest Nov 17, 2016
This is the first egobang fic I've ever read, and I'm already roped in.
IShipPeopleCuzICan IShipPeopleCuzICan Oct 23, 2016
Since this is a flower store why not make a pun? 
                              Why did the gardener run out of flowers? He hadn't BOTANY
                              HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! #noregrets
Warmkid Warmkid Nov 22, 2016
That got me so hard xD
                              I was like huh, then I was like awww ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ