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Child of Acnologia

Child of Acnologia

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FOOD By SwordoftheDragon Updated Dec 26, 2016

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail.

When she was young, a certain blonde had to bear with her abusive father, ever since her mother died, so she ran away, and came across a dragon. The Dragon was none other than..... Acnologia. He took pity in her, so he decided to train her to be an Apocalypse Dragonslayer. (idk what he's the dragon of.. So let's just call it Apocalypse) After Lucy's training with him, he introduced her to two of his friends. Celia the wolf of chaos and destruction, and Inferno the phoenix of the apocalypse hell fire. At 9 years old, after all of her training, she joined the guild Fairy Tail. Where she made new friends. She's become an SSS-Class Mage the day she joined. The next day, she went out on her first job with Erza Scarlet. After the job, she had to go on another job that would take years to complete. 8 years later, Erza traveled out to Magnolia, where she met a guy that has always wanted to join the guild Fairy Tail, so she brought him to the guild, where he joined, and yeah. A few days after, Lucy finally returns to the guild. She requested that Erza, Gray, Nutmeg and her form a team. The new guy decided to join the team too because he decided that they were cool. They became the most powerful team in Fiore.(Bt dubs, Lucy's not a Celestial Spirit Mage. Sorry all you peeps who like Lucy as a celestial Mage) (This is basically my way of Fairy Tail)

happyfairyt happyfairyt Jul 09, 2016
By tenchallity he is but his a second generation dragon slayer
Like they should. I find it funny people look at me the exact same way when I'm angry
celestial_midnight celestial_midnight Nov 08, 2016
He is but its from a lacrama(I'm pretty sure) and he's second generation
Satansoul_666 Satansoul_666 Dec 19, 2016
2nd generation lightning dragon slayer due to a lighting dragon slayer lacrima implanted in hos eye b hos father Ivan
OliviaThePerson666 OliviaThePerson666 Nov 18, 2016
*is drinking poweraid zero* *spits it out* NU!!! MY POWERA--- LUCY!!!
Yes he is just second generation you know lacrima implanted in his body