No Rose Without Thorns

No Rose Without Thorns

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My work #2|

"Live your life for you, and don't let nobody else break you." 

Ava is the beautiful girl that everybody loves but she lives a double life that very few know about. Her mother, Tina is more than a mother, she can be her worse enemy but other times she can be her partner in crime when it's time to handle business.

But when Ava second lifestyle creeps into the lifestyle that everybody believe she lives, will Ava break or soar?

looknaishh looknaishh Apr 12
mama or not don’t disrespect me like that, cause you know what do it yourself jailbait
Candy_Thoe Candy_Thoe Aug 07, 2017
Oh I'm happy my momma popped out three of us and the youngest is my twin😅
EstrangedMikaelsonMe EstrangedMikaelsonMe May 23, 2017
Damn y'all just wait when she glow up it's gone be litt she can slang brick fix tracks and watch kids she can do it all
Melaninduchess Melaninduchess Jan 20, 2017
She's the type of person that doesn't want to see others doing better than she is  and unfortunately her daughter is the target
zdadoll zdadoll Jul 27, 2016
If you ask say a nigga from Baltimore is from Maryland they will go off 💀 I swear nobody from Baltimore claim Maryland they be like "no I'm from Baltimore" it's its own state💀
PrincessSuggaa PrincessSuggaa Dec 27, 2016
Damn you was looking that hard where you didn't realize he was walking towards you 😂