No Rose Without Thorns

No Rose Without Thorns

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reigh ❣ By Dolphinadreams Completed

My work #2|

"Live your life for you, and don't let nobody else break you." 

Ava is the beautiful girl that everybody loves but she lives a double life that very few know about. Her mother, Tina is more than a mother, she can be her worse enemy but other times she can be her partner in crime when it's time to handle business.

But when Ava second lifestyle creeps into the lifestyle that everybody believe she lives, will Ava break or soar.

C0leW0rld C0leW0rld Jun 25, 2016
You better talk to her before I do cause ima hurt her feelings
KalinaHerbo KalinaHerbo Sep 11, 2016
WHAT !  Nevermind she dont act like my mother😂💀💀💀💀💀💀
jadababy22002 jadababy22002 Nov 19, 2016
Damn nobody told her to have all those kids loose pussy ass😂😂😂
ParadiseZanotti ParadiseZanotti Jun 09, 2016
Oh hell nah. She not allowed to do that. What state y'all in?
DeshannonWilliams DeshannonWilliams Nov 05, 2016
I'm liking your book already and I'm not even halfway through the first chapter
C0leW0rld C0leW0rld Jun 25, 2016
She sale dope do hair & baby sit out the same house police don't know when to kick the door in 😩