Topaz ❅ Stiles Stilinski

Topaz ❅ Stiles Stilinski

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Princess By sarcasticallison Updated Oct 30, 2016

❝Cutest guy in our school?❞ 

❝Stilinski, because he's so dee-lish.❞ 

When the ever so optimistic Topaz Trollhopper slips on some (fashionable) big girl shoes, and move's to Beacon Hills, she won't be the kind of girl you want as a best friend.

[ Season One. ]

(Based on my favourite cartoon as youngster, Trollz. )

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gucci-rose gucci-rose Apr 29, 2017
We, are the crystal gems! 
                              We'll always save the day! 
                              And if you think we can't
                              We'll always find a way!
                              Thats why the people of this world, believe in 
                              Amethyst, and Pearl!
                              And STEVEN!!
Lickmygummibears Lickmygummibears May 30, 2017
I was calm reading this book and then "Trollhopper" happened and I just bust of laughing losing my shït. Now I'm getting weird stares 😂
wonderqueer wonderqueer Nov 24, 2017
i'm sorry but topaz trollhopper is one of the most hilarious names i've ever heard omfg
browndoors browndoors May 23, 2016
Jackson is pretty cute TBH, I wouldn't blame Topaz for liking him