Secret Of The Hokage ||ON HOLD||

Secret Of The Hokage ||ON HOLD||

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Naruko: Loud, Bashful, Small, Weak, Stupid, Dead last, Dope, Dobe, Loser, Werido, Idiot, Demon, Demon child, Kyuubi, Bitch, Dork, Nameless, Hobo, Homeless, Ugly, Failure, Slow, Mean, Unlucky.

But, Naruko was none of those things.

Naruko: Caring, Kind, Powerful, Calming, Beautiful, Adorable, Amazing, Happy, Soothing, Cheerful, Smart, Truthful, Clever, Foxy, Helpful, Loyal, Nice, Stunning, Fast, Charmful, Thankful, Strong, Loveable, Carefree, Lucky, The Hokage.

Naruko was all of these things. 

Being tried from age 6, from the strongest ninja in the village, Naruko learns what she needs to know to become the 5th Hokage.


Dr_Eye Dr_Eye Jun 29, 2016
Hiruzen Sarutobi. Most people call him Sarutobi in fanfics though.
Aya-Mell Aya-Mell Aug 04, 2016
The 3rd hokage's name is hiruzen sarutobi 
                              Besides nice story
Meopize Meopize Sep 08, 2016
Okay guys you can stop naming the guy, look at how many named him.. T-T I don't get it...Why add the name when someone already did??
Dr_Eye Dr_Eye Jun 29, 2016
It's Gaara. Gaara No Sabaku. I think that's how you spell his last name..............
I love your story and I don't mean to sound stuck up or anything but it's Henge not Hedge I am sorry for correcting and hope you do not take offense
taylorxozz taylorxozz Aug 13, 2016
Sarutobi Hiruzen. Sarutobi is clan name and Hiruzen is given name or first name.