Home With You (BWWM)

Home With You (BWWM)

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[Highest rank #34- romance]

I tried to forget him.
 He was exactly what I didn't need in my already complex life. 

But fate has a funny way of making things happen, and what happened between us was no accident or mistake. It was bound to happen, and when it did, There was no avoiding him.

One night in a bar changed my life forever.

It wasn't enough that he was my roommate-- before I knew it, he became everything. My thoughts, my air, the reason my heart beat a thousand times a minute and could still skip a beat all at the same time.

Alexander became my drug.


Nothing had been easy for Kassandra her entire life, with neglectful parents and a tormenting childhood. When things finally seem okay, she meets Alexander who opens up a whole new chapter of challenges as well as people from her past that she'd rather keep tucked away. Two closed off people may do more damage to each other than good.

Posted: 13/05/2016
Last Chapter: 9/04/2017

This is a sample only. We are now moving to Dreame! (Link inside)

**contains strong language and mature subject. Read at your own discretion**

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