She Couldn't (Minecraft Mystreet x Reader) SLOW UPDATES

She Couldn't (Minecraft Mystreet x Reader) SLOW UPDATES

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SASSY PRINCESS ZENNY By Zena_Is_Kawaii Updated Jun 23, 2016

(Y/N) (L/N) was a smart and dedicated girl, she loved reading books and sometimes played video games. She was a nerd, yes but a great girl she would sometimes be a badass and sometimes a sweet girl it depends on how you treat her. Anyways, she moved to mystreet just to escape...her past.

(Y/N) meets Aphmau and the others. The other boys one by one fell in love with her. Who would she choose? And would it effect her on who she chooses?

This doesn't involve the following:
Jeffory, Reese, Aaron(Because I ship Aarmau) and Chad.

FrozenFrosti FrozenFrosti Nov 04, 2016
You call 12 early?! I just woke up at 7 without an alarm, with a headache. I dont hate pls dont kill meh.
DanaeJohnson0 DanaeJohnson0 Oct 10, 2016
ATTACK ON TITAN YESSS!!! Unfortunately  we have to wait until next spring.
TiffanyNguyen811 TiffanyNguyen811 Oct 23, 2016
Thank goodness it doesn't include Chad... But nooo Reese~senpai!